Fukushima Skull Base Surgery

Manual of Skull Base Dissection 3rd Edition
Table of Contents

Microdissection Laboratory and Instruments
Protocol for Preparation of Head Specimen
Safety Instructions for Skull Base Drilling
TAKA Cadaver Head Holder
“Keyhole Microsurgery Brain Protective Operation”
Operative Positioning

Exercise 1: Bifrontal Transbasal Approach

Exercise 2: Endonasal Paraseptal Transsphenoidal Approach

Exercise 3: Transoral Approach

Exercise 4: Orbital Approach Part 1: Transcranial Orbital Approach Part 2: Lateral Orbital Approach

Exercise 5: Frontotemporal Skull Base Dissection Part 1: Variations of Orbitozygomatic Craniotomy Part 2: Cavernous Sinus Approach Part 3: Skull Base Bypass

Exercise 6: Infratemporal Fossa Approach (ITFA) Part 1: Anterior ITFA Part 2: Middle ITFA Part 3: Posterior ITFA

Exercise 7: Preauricular Transfacial Approach

Exercise 8: Combined Neurotology-Neurosurgery Skull Base Approaches to the Temporal Bone Part 1: Retrolabyrinthine and Translabyrinthine Part 2: Middle Fossa Approach

Exercise 9: Combined Petrosal Approach, Part 1: Transmastoid-Retrolabyrinthine Drilling, and Middle Fossa “Rhomboid” Exposure  Part 2:  Total Petrosectomy Approach

Exercise 10: Fukushima ELITE Approach Part 1: Dorsolateral ELITE  Part 2: Anterolateral ELITE Approach

Exercise 11: Postauricular Total Petrosectomy Approach

Exercise 12: Transmaxilloethmoidal Approach Part 1: Transmaxilloethmoidal Approach  Part 2:  Anterior Transfacial Approach Part 3:  Le Fort I Osteotomy

Exercise 13: Mid-Frontal Paramedian Interhemispheric Precallosal Transseptal Approach

Exercise 14: Occipital Paramedian Transtentorial-Transfalcian Approach

Exercise 15: Operative Approaches to Lateral Ventricular Lesions

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